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Our team includes different people from various fields, whose common trait is crush on travel and adventures (in most positive sense!). First of all, we would like to see even more active and adventurous people around us. This is the main motive for our activities: we plan and manage our travel adventures in the way, which ensures that all our old and new friends would enjoy them even more than ourselves.
Read here, what we have thought and said about ourselves:


Margus Mändmets

It takes time to figure out who you really are and what you really want to do.
I spent last 10 years in construction and real estate business, managing subsidiary of international construction company. Until the moment when I realised that it is time to give a chance to my real passion – travelling.

I enjoy “slow travel”. I do not like to rush from one destination to another. I rather spend many days exploring a village that hasn’t been put on the map yet, than rushing from one “must see” to the next. I like to combine travel with an activity. My favourites are hiking and mountain biking. There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a downhill ride after hours of hard work up to the top!

Time is precious. I love to spend it with my 4-year old daughter and since my work is my hobby and there is no line between them, then the rest is spent on travelling, mountain biking and skiing. 

At &Moments I look after our website and make sure that it is always interesting and up to date. I also keep up the relations with our agents and other partners. margus@andmoments.com


Risto Muldme

I havebeen involved 18 years in the field of heating; currently I am the manager of Baltic statesof Purmo radiators. My motto has always been that you should do hard work, in order to ensure yourself high-quality rest.
One of my longer hobbies (over 30 years) - singing – has taken me to various regions with different choirs and vocal groups: Oceania, Asia, North America, Africa and naturally Europe. But I caught real travel fever after visiting Philippines together with Margus and our families. For me, this opened a novel form of travelling – you organise the trip yourself and find the best solution. Now I spend all my vacations only travelling abroad.

On trips I have always tried to enjoy some of my hobbies, such as windsurfing, cross-country or downhill skiing, diving or cycling. Such combination provides added value to the trip and your vacation is much more versatile. Unfortunately, the most valuable aspect on a trip is time – you can buy anything but that. Therefore you must make choices between good and best options.
After my first trip to China with &Moments, my friend Margus made me a proposal to become a partner. It did not take much time to agree. When work and passionate hobby overlap, you always aim higher, because as a leader of a group I want to get full delight of the charms of destination myself as well. You’ll get the best result, if you organise a trip as if for yourself. My main tasks in the company are sales and communication with local partners.

Tel: +372 50 17 247


Priit Kuusk alias Wend

Cycling can be seen from various angles – a bothersome obligation, because there is no other option for moving on, or a fantastic opportunity to give your brain a break,seek adventures, discover new things and lose excessive weight. I don’t like cycling, if it becomes an obligation or competition. But anything else is quite all right, when looking from the saddle. Even climbs, because after a climb there is always a descent... Or was it other way round?



Andrei Grishtshenko alias Grisha

My inherent curiosity and strong passion for travelling has taken me to various countries and cities. However, in the course of time the desire has increased to visit rather such places and tracks, where tourists are rare guests. Fortunately, there are still many such genuine places in Georgia, with their pristine, incredibly beautiful nature; shaggy shepherds with almost toothless, but most sincere and open smile, village roads with






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