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About us
& Moments is a tour operator helping you to capture and record beautiful and breathtaking moments in different parts of the world.  Our travels include both international group tours and individual travel offers. All the tours have a meaningful idea and a message distinguished by participation and open world view.
In preparing our travel programmes, we prefer ecological accommodations.Bringing to you the local way of life and the best of native kitchen and food culture. Our partners and we do our best to make your journey with us, a memorable event.
Our tours take you to countries and places that we love and consider important.  Our own journeys and previous professional experience has made us to believe that, in addition, to travelling and pleasant holiday making, one should leave behind something good.  

User Agreement
The copyright in all materials (including pictures) and information contained on this website are the rights of & MOMENTS,  and is otherwise reserved, and may be accessed and downloaded for private and non–commercial use. Publication or reproduction of any information or materials contained herein on any other website is expressly prohibited, unless prior written approval has been obtained from an authorized representative of & MOMENTS.

Privacy Policy
& MOMENTS will treat all personal information you give us as strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to third parties, unless obliged to do so by law or legal process. When you forward personal information including your name, e–mail address, mailing address and credit card details to us, & MOMENTS will use a secure server to encrypt such information before it is received by us. Once we receive it, we will protect such information from unauthorized access and use.  & MOMENTS may send e–mail messages to our customers with news and special offers and users may, by return mail, indicate whether they would prefer not to receive any such mail in future.

Booking and Payment
Private Group Rates 

At confirmation: 20% of total reservation value is due
*  120 days: 50% of total reservation value is due
*  90 days: 100% of total reservation value is due

Reservations held by & MOMENTS with no means of guarantee such as a deposit, may be cancelled by & MOMENTS on notice to the guest in order to accommodate other bookings.

In the event of & MOMENTS reserving flight tickets for travel, & MOMENTS requires payment in full for the cost of the ticket, plus 5% on the balance of services indicated on the invoice, so that we may issue air tickets (cost of tickets are not confirmed until issued).

Kindly note that payments may be processed with Visa, and MasterCard credit cards.

Payments can also be paid directly into & MOMENTS bank account (details can be found at the bottom of our invoice).

A service fee has been calculated into the value of your reservation.

In the event that & MOMENTS receives a new reservation request, & MOMENTS reserves the right to request the release of your space being held, or alternatively the required 15% non-refundable deposit to be paid to & MOMENTS within 7 days to confirm the reservation.

& MOMENTS reserves the right to cancel all services booked by &MOMENTS, should full payment not be received 45 days prior to arrival.

For the last–minute bookings, & MOMENTS will allow 3 days from time of confirmation until payment reaches us before we will cancel any services booked.

All foreign transactions will now incur an extra handling fee over and above the bank’s usual exchange rates, which will be charged to your account by your bank. Kindly confirm with your bank to determine if this will affect you or not.

Signature Tours
Can be booked at any time
50% of Signature Tours to be paid within 14 days of confirmation
Regrettably, Signature Tours are non–refundable

Booking amendment procedure in respect of &MOMENTS
An amendment refers to a change in travel/arrival date and/or a reduction in number of rooms required, after a booking has been confirmed
*  All reservations made shall be subject to the cancellation policy.
*  The following conditions will apply to any bookings amended from date of confirmation

The Amendment Policy is as follows:
If a booking is held for more than 91 days, 91 days or more prior to arrival, the booking may be amended once with no cancellation fees, thereafter cancellation fees will apply.
If a booking is held for less than 90 days, 91 days or more prior to arrival, the booking may be amended and no cancellation fees will apply.

Refund Policy
A cancellation 45 days and less prior to commencement of services will result in a cancellation fee of 100%. I.e. Full payment will be retained by & MOMENTS in lieu of cancellation penalties.

Payment Options and Pricing

Rates are published as per person per night unless otherwise specified. All pricing is indicative and subject to exchange rate fluctuations.
All transactions will be processed in Euro (EUR).

Credit Card

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

Security Policy

A credit card payment must be based on a form filled and signed in advance by the customer.

By signing the form, the customer gives & MOMENTS the right to charge from his/her credit card account the sum indicated by the customer. The filled and signed form is faxed or E-mailed to the office of & MOMENTS.

& Moments shall notify the respective customer immediately after completing a credit card transaction.


A cancellation 59 – 46 days prior to commencement of services will result in your deposit only being retained by & Moments, in lieu of cancellation penalties.

A cancellation 45 days and less prior to commencement of services will result in a cancellation fee of 100%. I.e. Full payment will be retained by & MOMENTS in lieu of cancellation penalties.

General Information

&MOMENTS reserves the right to modify and change the current Trading Terms for each project separately, which will be outlined accordingly.

The rates quoted are subject to change without prior warning if there are any increases in bed levies, park fees, fuel, sales tax or VAT, third-party services or any other circumstances beyond our control in the countries featured in this quote/booking.
The rates quoted are subject to change without prior warning if there are any increases in bed levies, park fees, fuel, sales tax or VAT, third-party services or any other circumstances beyond our control in the countries featured in this quote/booking.

All guests must take out comprehensive travel insurance covering them for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment.

The airfare and airport tax quoted are current and subject to change without prior warning should the airline impose an increase in rates for any reason. The airfare quoted is based on the lowest class of fare available at the time of quoting and is subject to seats being available in that class at the time of booking. Should the class not be available at the time of booking, the next applicable fare will be booked, and amended costs advised accordingly. Please note that fares may increase between the time of booking, time of payment, and the ticket being issued.

&MOMENTS cannot be held responsible should airlines discontinue flights on certain routings or change scheduled timetables resulting in missed connections etc. Should an amendment in a routing or itinerary be necessary, we will re–quote you accordingly.

To comply with international insurance requirements, all airline tickets must clearly show the passenger's title, full name and surname (as indicated in your passport). As this applies to both scheduled and charter flights, we would be grateful if you could provide us with this information as soon as possible.

Check–in for domestic departures is one hour prior to departure and for international departures the check-in is two hours prior to flight departure. Late check–in may result in your reservation being cancelled.

Due to recent international events, many airlines/airports have extended the check-in times of both domestic and international flights. It is essential to ensure that guests adhere to these times. Please confirm prior to departure. Please ensure you are aware of this as late check-in may result in your reservation being cancelled.

It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly check your visa requirements before your intended date of travel, as & MOMENTS cannot be held responsible should the necessary visa requirements not be fulfilled. Border officials in some countries are not in a position to issue visas on the spot, hence the need for obtaining visas in advance. Both the cost, currency, accepted method of payment, and type of visa (i.e., single, double or multiple entry) should be checked in advance to avoid any inconveniences and delays when entering countries or crossing borders. This is of particular importance as some countries change their visa requirements with little or no warning.

It is recommended that you travel with at least 2 blank passport pages per country visited. Please ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after your date of travel.

It is very important that you take precautions against malaria (in Africa & in Asia) prior to the commencement of your holiday. We recommend you contact your pharmacist/travel advisory clinic for advice regarding the recommended prophylactic.

Please be aware that any scheduled or charter flights booked may involve multiple stops en route before reaching your final destination.

Guests must therefore always take out their own medical insurance to cover all expenses after admission. Please contact us should further information be required.

For persons between 80 and 85 years, please note that we require a medical certificate. Please advise us in advance in order to arrange cover, subject to our insurer's approval. Persons 80 years and older will need to arrange their own comprehensive travel insurance.

There are certain medical exclusions. Please contact us for further details.

All dietary requirements can be catered for. When making your reservation, please advise us of any specific dietary requirements that you may have and these will be communicated to the respective lodge/ camp/establishment. Should you have any additional dietary requirements, such as kosher meals, it is likely that these will incur additional costs (often these meals are specially flown in). Two weeks prior notice is required for kosher meals.

Gratuities: tipping is at the guest's discretion. The lodge/ camp/ hotel manager, guide or management of the establishment will be able to assist you with guidelines. 



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