Welcome to Tanzania

Imagine a country that can fulfil your every holiday dream. A country of wide, open spaces and magnificent wildlife, of idyllic palm-fringed islands set in turquoise seas, of pirate tales and sultan's palaces, of smiling faces and warm hospitality.
If you distilled everybody's quintessential dream of Africa into one country, Tanzania would be the result. It is an intensely sensual land, appealing to sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Somehow everything seems to be bigger, wilder, more exotic and quite simply, more spectacular in Tanzania.
Africa’s highest mountain, most famous national parks, largest game reserve and three largest lakes lie within Tanzania's borders. It is a land that has inspired artists and writers such as Ernest Hemingway. It was here that Henry Stanley uttered the immortal words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" Here too lie the remains of one of the earliest human ancestors ever discovered.
Somehow, miraculously, Tanzania has managed to escape the well-beaten tourist track. Here you can rediscover the wild, romantic Africa of your dreams. Tanzania is a land of tropical forest, savannah and shimmering lakes with some of the largest and unspoilt wildernesses in the world. Here too are sandy beaches and coral reefs, breathtaking mountains and ancient towns. There are national parks, conservation areas, forests reserves, biosphere reserves and World Heritage sites.
There are so many ways to enjoy what this country offers that you'll want to come back and that's just what we would like you to do.
Karibu! —Welcome to Tanzania!

Mount Kilimanjaro
Climb the “Natural Wonder of the World”. Mount Kilimanjaro has been the dream of many athletes and adventures wishing to experience and pride themselves in having been to the roof of Africa. The variety of routes suited for varying lifestyles make Mount Kilimanjaro a “must-climb” for people who just want to experience nature or view the ecosystems and terrains. For those ready to take up the challenge, opportunities exist to make it all the way to the top with the help of professional and certified guides and porters.

Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia

You can take time to enjoy a real vacation far away from anything you normally do. Tanzania’s multiple Indian Ocean islands provide you with the opportunity to select your beach spot just the way you like it. While in Zanzibar, sit out on the soft, white sandy beach under a palm thatch umbrella watching the sparkling turquoise blue waters totally mesmerise you. Tanzania offers an underwater paradise for marine enthusiasts visiting Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar with many interesting reefs, featuring shallow rocky areas that suddenly drop off into vertiginous crevasses, 40 meters deep. Some reefs are like undersea mountains, wreathed with seaweed and corals and teeming with colourful fish.

Chimpanzees and specialised safari programs
Tanzania hails the great majestic mountains of Mahale, home to hundreds of chimpanzees. You can undertake a specialised Chimpanzee safari to the southern national parks of the Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream.
You have the opportunity to view one of Africa’s few resources preserved by nature and almost untouched by mankind. Tanzania’s rich biodiversity includes 3000 lions in Selous and regular sightings of African Hunting dogs in Ruaha, extinct in most part of Africa.

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”
Walk in the footsteps of great explorers and adventures who roamed Tanzania. Visit the exact spot in Ujiji, southwestern Tanzania, where centuries ago the phrase, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” was uttered. Visit Zanzibar and Bagamoyo and learn about the slave trade history and its effects, or Kilwa, where incredible ruins exist even to this day.

Maasais and other cultural experiences

Tanzania’s various tribes and cultures provide an excellent opportunity for guests to encounter other ways of life, rites and rituals. Take time for visiting the various parts of the country, such as the Usambara Mountains, where you can take a tour of the local communities.
The Maasai adventure provides a unique opportunity to study the traditional people and wildlife of the Maasai Steppe in Tanzania. You can stay in a wild and remote region of the Maasai Steppe (northern Tanzania) between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. You can sing, cook and dance with them and learn all about Maasai traditions.