Cycling tour in Georgia

Svaneti, Republic of Georgia

Our travel tips

There is not much you can spend in Svaneti as accommodation and most of the meals, etc is already included in your bike tour program. Nevertheless: allow your-self enough money for snacks, beer, as well as for optional activities during the bike tour. An average meal should cost between €5-10. A beer will set you back about €1-2,5 depending on where you have it. Tipping is appreciated but not compulsory. You should be aware that Georgia is still a cash-only economy and credit cards are not accepted in the majority of shops and restaurants. There are several ATM machines in Tbilisi and other major cities, where you can obtain cash, but not in the rural, mountainous regions.

We stay in hotels in Tbilisi and Mazeri, at guesthouses or homestays in Mestia and Ushguli and in a local guesthouse or homestay in Lentekhi. The accommodation in homestays and guesthouses is basic but clean. Typically the homestays have shared showers or bathrooms. In Tbilisi we will be staying in tourist-class hotels which have all the modern facilities – en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioners, restaurants, etc.

The weather in Tbilisi from early May to late October is generally warm and pleasant with some really hot days in July - August. In Caucasus Mountains it can get cool during the night, especially in early May and in late September and October. Showers can be expected any time of the year. As elsewhere in mountains, the temperature and weather is pretty much dependant on elevation.

What to pack for the biking tour
Biking helmet, gloves, bib shorts, sunglasses, water bottles and spare inner tube(s) (unless hiring a bike), waterproof jacket, sun cream and lip balm, warm jacket/sweater/fleece for evenings, small day sack and favorite energy snacks. Please check our packing recommendations and suggestions for a bike tour here.  

Local Bike Hire
Bikes are available for hire and should be requested at the time of booking. You can bring your own pedaling system (please consult with &Moments stuff first!) and seat, which can be fitted on rented bikes. MTB-tours in Georgia are still in its infancy and bike rental is not a common practice, so variety and quality of bikes is not the same as in your home country.

Fitness level
There will be some technically demanding ascents and descents during the cycling tour which however do not require any special training. In some sections of our biking rides we may have to push or carry our bikes. The support vehicle is always available with main spare parts and for your transport. Your luggage will be transported in the support vehicle, so you only need to carry your daypack and biking gear.

Entry requirements
Many nationalities do not require visa at all to enter Georgia. Check with your ministry of foreign affairs at home or check with the ministry of foreign affairs of Georgia. For those who need visa, the visas can be obtained from the Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the airport at a fee of around 10 USD to 200 USD, depending on the length of stay and nationality. Passengers, holding an open ticket, must indicate on their visa application form the person or company, they have been invited by.

You are advised to be up to date with vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria and polio. You should also be covered for hepatitis A and possibly typhoid. For trips over four weeks, you would also be advised to have a course of hepatitis B and rabies injections.