Rotary Club of Swakopmund

7 January 2010  

Best wishes for a good and healthy 2010! Via & MOMENTS and  our local Tour Company ABENTEUER AFRICA SAFARI the Rotary Club of Swakopmund has been invited to nominate a worthy charity which would benefit from the tour being arranged in Europe. All sensible Namibians know that the way out of the poverty trap is through education. We therefore have had no hesitation in nominating an educational trust called Mondesa Youth Opportunity Trust. This is a trust whose far-thinking aims are to ensure that good and sound education, and moral principles, are taught to the promising young students from the under-privileged community of Swakopmund. These students often fail their main examinations as their basic education at the government schools which serve them, is weak and incomplete, leading to a great loss to the development of Namibia as a whole. The education the trust offers is free to all who are invited to attend, and its funding depends entirely upon donations. This is a constant source of anxiety to the board members who run the trust, and, especially in these economic times, help is needed. The trust has a website: and also a very good video link which was donated by a visiting supporter. Look it up on: Mondesa Youth Opportunities - Swakopmund, Namibia Video

Both these contacts will prove to you the integrity of this afternoon education program. Swakopmund Rotary Club has worked with this organization (MYO) for three years now, and one of our Rotarians is a board member, whilst another is closely involved with the school in other, more practical ways. We urge you all to support this cause and help them to educate nearly 125 learners towards a better and more positive future. We look forward to meeting all who are able to join the tour and involve themselves in the future of our MYO learners. Their contributions will be greatly appreciated. There will be several suitable occasions – perhaps at MYO itself one afternoon, and certainly at a dinner function. Namibia is a wonderful tourist destination, with many amazing sights and experiences, and our town of Swakopmund is a special gem. It will be an African tour that you will never forget.

Yours in Rotary,
Andreas Lacheiner Kuhn
Rotary Club of Swakopmund  

Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO)

Helping the children of Namibia – this is the objective for which & MOMENTS in cooperation with Abenteuer Africa Safari and Swakopmund Rotary Club are launching an International Charity Drive. We would like you to get acquainted with the beautiful nature of Namibia and offer you a week full of adventures. We would be delighted to introduce you the MYO project, the children and volunteers involved. By joining us in the trip you will give the children of MYO the chance to get education that they would otherwise never be able to receive.

Mondesa, a struggling township community is the home of approximately 25,000 people, the vast majority of whom live in poverty. A new township community, the DRC (Democratic Resettlement Community) has developed near the Mondesa Township and this is where new residents to the township fi rst settle. This area is characterized by wooden and cardboard shacks with no electricity or running water services. It is here that the children of impoverished Mondesa, DRC and Tamariskia communities are provided with after-school opportunities, so that they are equipped to learn and grow in areas that are vital to their success in life.

Youth Opportunities is a non-profi t afternoon school for underprivileged children of Mondesa, just outside of Swakopmund, on the western coast of Namibia. MYO was founded in 2003 by Word Teach volunteer Ro Meyers from USA. Primary objectives of the organization are to develop and foster an environment, where children living in communities such as Mondesa are provided opportunities to learn and grow in areas that are imperative to their success in life, and to promote a future generation of emotionally healthy, driven, and forward-thinking leades. MYO is totally dependent on sponsorships and donations of individuals, small and big enterprises in Namibia and around the world. By 2010, the cost to put one student through a year of studies at MYO will be nearly 700 EUR. This program has the dual benefit of providing direct assistance to the children in our program, as well as bringing the reality of the every day lives of our scholars closer to you. 100% of the money donated through the Youth Sponsorship Program will directly benefit the children of MYO. Read more: