Momentsa to remember & share
& Moments helps you to capture moments while you travel with us.  These moments are all around us, each day, each night and each journey. But to find them – it is a job more difficult. We have found some and we would like to share them with you. This is why we do trips and activities to destinations only where we or our partners have personal moments to share with you.

Adventure, hobby and local way of life
Our focus is on adventure and hobby trips throughout the world. Active way of travelling is our idea of travelling at its best. We encourage environmental-friendly travel and interaction with local people on grass-root level. We take you closer to local way of life whether it is cooking or dancing or just simple small-talk behind the camp-fire.

Our own experience has made us believe that in addition to travelling and pleasant holiday making one should leave something good behind. More than often, our tours take you to the destinations in developing countries, where everyday life is still about survival and not of comfort. This is why many of our tours carry a charity message.

We do our best to make our trips to be a memorable event for you. Our trips are not just journeys somewhere but journeys with something – something to remember. Let it be your hobby, adventure or some very special thought. Our partners and we do our best to make your journey with us an unforgettable moment.

We hope that you will find your moment with us: a moment to remember – a moment to share.

& Moments Team