Distant and Forbidden

Our travel tips 

What to pack
A warm coat or jacket (especially in Tibet and Bhutan), cotton shirts (both long and short sleeved), long and short trousers, sunglasses, woollen hat and summer hat, summer shoes and walking (hiking) shoes, towel, raincoat or umbrella, sunscreen with strong UV protection, lip protection, personal hygiene products, small backpack for daytime travel, summer clothes, cameras.

*  Traveller’s passport must be valid at least 6 months after the end of tour.
*  1 passport size photo for the Nepal visa.
*  Vaccination is recommended.
*  Euros and US dollars can be used locally for payment.
*  Meals not included must be bought – average price for a meal is € 6-10
*  Local alcohol is very cheap, imported drinks and food are expensive.
*  The hotels in Tibet are more than 3000 metres above the sea. The hotels
    have special oxygen equipment and doctors. While driving around in Tibet
    the buses will be equipped with oxygen balloons.