Welcome to Uganda

Uganda is saturated in colour, the outstanding natural beauty of its people and its landscapes have always stirred inspiration in travellers and residents. Uganda is a country of amazing uniqueness.
In this beautiful country, you will find contrasts at every turn. From the moment you land at Entebbe airport, with its breathtaking equatorial location on the shore of Lake Victoria, it is clear that Uganda is no ordinary destination.

White-water Rafting on The Longest River in Africa
No other place in Africa offers you the kind of rafting or Kayaking, found in Uganda, near Jinja on the Nile. From mild to wild, half day, or two days, up to grade 5 rapids. This is a must if you are coming for adventures in Africa. You will never forget this experience on the historic Nile.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Uganda
Planning your Mountain Gorilla Tracking Safari in Uganda can become quite a task; there are many things involved that lead to the experience of a lifetime - spending an hour near the endangered Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest. There is nothing like observing a Silverback Gorilla, watching over his group, or a mother Gorilla taking care of her new baby. It is well worth the trip to Africa.

Kibale Forest Jungle Chimpanzees
One of the jewels of Uganda, Kibale Forest with its concentration of primates, is the chimpanzee tracking capital of Uganda. The forest in itself is worth a visit. Take a night-time hike into the jungle and see other mammals such as the forest elephants.

Meet Uganda's Children
Africa's children have been very much in my heart. A fair share from the income, generated by the safari business, supports the work with children. It goes without saying that interacting with Uganda’s children is memorable experience and cherished by visitors and children alike.

Rwenzori Mountains - The Ugandan Alps
Whether you are an experienced climber or just a casual hiker, you will find these legendary, mysterious "Mountains of the Moon" an unforgettable experience. There are six peaks with permanent snow and three glaciers. The highest of these peaks is the third highest point in Africa - Mt.Stanley's Margherita peak, rising 5 109m above sea level.