Moments to Remember & Share

& MOMENTS helps you to capture special moments while you are travelling with us. These moments, within our reach every day, and every night on each destination. But to find them – can be difficult and that is why we want to share these personal moments with our partners from our experiences.

Adventure, Leisure Activitiy and Native Lifestyle

Our focus is on adventure and leisure trips throughout the world. Keeping active when you travel is our idea of travelling at its best.!  We encourage environmental-friendly travel and interaction with local people on a grass-root level. We help you to get involved with the locals, whether it be cooking, dancing or chit-chat by the camp fire.


Our experience has helped us to see that it is not only about having a great holiday experience; but, it can be much more. An opportunity to give to others. Our tours often take you to destinations in developing countries, where everyday life is still about survival and not of comfort. That is why we want to make an impact with our tours by helping where we can. We do our best to make our trips a memorable event for you. Our trips are meant to be very special  give you many unforgettable moments.We hope that you will find your moment with us: a moment to remember – a moment to share.