Rafting Expedition


Day 1
Flight from Europe to Uganda (Entebbe). Transfer to 3* Hotel (BB basis)

Day 2
Transport ( by bus) from Entebbe to Jinja. Overnight in 3* Hotel (BB basis)

Day 3 (Distance 30 km)
8 am: breakfast and introduction meeting in Jinja, followed by packing and grade 5 safety briefing. Full day of grade 5 rafting in paddle boats. Snack lunch on river. Camping  by the magnificent Itanda Falls. BBQ dinner and briefing on Day 2.

Day 4 (Distance 30 km)
From now on we are on our own! After breakfast we mount oar frames on our boats, and get back on the river for more white water rafting. Past Busana we’ll set up camp on ‘Tata Island’ – a rock island in the middle of the river. This is the end of the white water section. After dinner we will reflect on Day 5.

Day 5 ( Distance 70 km)
After a pre-dawn breakfast we hit the river at sunrise and take turns at rowing the two rafts. Lunch on the river. The aim is to make it to the edge of Lake Kyoga before the sun sets. Dinner will be prepared and enjoyed on the boats. We’ll row through the night as there is nowhere to camp.  

Day 6 (Distance 60 km)
After a the night on the rafts, we have breakfast on the boats and continue rowing until we get to Half London Island, a floating island in the middle of the lake. We should be able to get there before sunset.

Day 7 (Distance 40 km)
We’ll mount the engines on the rafts and rest our sore arms and hands while we cruise across the lake and through the swamp, marking the point, where Lake Kyoga feeds into the Nile. We aim at making it to Masindi Port before  dusk. No or little rowing today. 

Day 8 ( Distance 60 km)
Back to rowing! We start early and must be on the river at sunrise. Today we need to row hard to get as close to our destination as possible. 

Day (Distance 20 km)
This is the team’s final day on the river. We get up early and once again we beat the first rays of the sun to the river; rowing until we reach the first rapid before Karuma Falls. We run the rapid and stop immediately after, where our transport is waiting. However, before we can celebrate and relax, we have to carry our boats and all of our gear up the river bank, to the bus. Once loaded, we are driven the last few kilometers to the top of Karuma Falls where we set up camp one last time. The only difference is that this time, there’ll be plenty of ice cold beers and sodas for everyone.

Day 10 - Certification
After breakfast the team is facing a 6 hour drive back to Entebbe. Overnight in 3* Hotel (BB basis)

Day 11 - Entebbe
Flight back to Europe.