Rafting Expedition

Our travel tips

Expedition leader
Reuben Connolly, NZ, a 28-year-old certified raft guide with 9 years international experience and vast knowledge about Uganda and the Nile, will be leading the expedition.

October is considered as a month of a raining season. However, you should not be intimidated by that fact, as there is still an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day. The raining season provides the necessary means for our trip, as we navigate on river where the water level is much dependant on rains. The rains come typically as heavy tropical rain which as a rule does not last long. The air temperature averages between 17 to 26 degrees of Celsius (Entebbe).

What to bring
As there is limited space on the rafts, it is essential that each participant travels as light as possible. Bring a small tent, a sleeping bag, clothes for wearing on river, clothes for wearing off river, a poncho or rain jacket, a long pair of trousers and a sweater, flip flops, closed shoes or boots, a hat, sunglasses, sun block minimum factor 30, malaria prophylaxis, a torch or a head torch and a pocketknife.

Insurance is not included in the price and it is the responsibility of the individual participant to acquire one. Helicopter rescue is available at a price of approximately 2 000 EUR.

Safety and health hazards
Two international guides and two local safety kayakers form the core expedition team. They are all first aid trained and have many years of rafting experience in Uganda.

On the first two days of the expedition, the team will navigate a number of major rapids ranging from grade 1 to grade 5. Because of this, an additional number of safety kayakers and an oar boat will accompany the team. We will follow normal Grade 5 rafting procedures and safety guidelines.

Other than the rapids on the first two days of rafting, consider the following hazards:

After the first two days of rafting, the chances of coming across crocodiles increase. Most likely, we will not see any, but they are there. It is not recommended swimming and bathing in the river during the expedition without first asking the people living in the area if it is safe. Crocodiles do occasionally eat people!

Snakes, spiders, scorpions etc.
A wide range of poisonous animals live in Uganda. Bites can be avoided by wearing boots and long trousers whenever walking in the bush. Making noise alerts most snakes and lets them get away before they feel cornered. Check boots, shoes and clothes before putting them on. This will prevent most spider and scorpion bites.

Thunderstorms are frequent in Uganda. If the team sees one approaching or building up we will move to the nearest bank, get out of the rafts and stay low, away from isolated trees.

The chances of catching malaria on this trip are high. Taking malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended.

Age group
Participants must be at least 18 years old on the date of departure. There is no maximum age limit, however, all participants are required to be reasonably fit and able to paddle or row for many hours a day, if required.

The part of Uganda, that the team will be going through, is considered a safe area to travel in.

The menu reflects that this is a low cost, expedition-style ‘recce’ trip. There will be plenty for everybody and it will be tasty, but do not expect four-course gourmet dinner with a selection of French wines to choose between.

Here is an example of what a day’s menu could look like
*  Breakfast: tea/coffee, milk, eggs, toasted bread, jam and marmite
*  Lunch: water, pasta salad
*  Dinner: water, chilli con carne, roasted bananas with melted chocolate

As much as possible, the team will buy fresh produce in the areas it passes through.

After the first two days, the main source of water will be the river. The team will filter the river water and clean it using iodine or purifying tablets.

Medical conditions
Due to the nature and the remoteness of this expedition, it is required that
& MOMENTS partner Nalubale Rafting is made aware of any medical conditions of the participants at the time of booking. & MOMENTS partner Nalubale Rafting reserves the right to reject a participant, if a condition is deemed incompatible with the expedition requirements.