Ladies Trekking

In support of Msafiri English Medium School

Charity is voluntary act and each donation, regardless of its amount, is priceless. Just like a year ago, also this year each participant supports the school with 100 EUR, which includes in the price. However, we are extremely pleased, that the average donation per person last year exceeded that amount! We sincerely hope that our trekkers this year are also generous. Participation itself already expresses your moral support to the school. After trekking, you will get the chance to spend a memorable day in Msafiri English Medium School.

About Tanzania
Tanzania has a per capita income of about $ 420 per year; it is still one of the poorest countries in the world. The average person still lives under less than dollar a day. This is all in spite of the fact that Tanzania has a flourishing travel business, being one of the main holiday destinations in the region.
While the government’s policy on education is to provide it for everybody, the country is mostly a patriarchal society whereby boys are given preferential treatment when it comes to acquisition of education. It is sad to note that the girls and women who lack education are the ones who bear the brunt of the hardships of life from poverty, abuse, disease to discrimination.

The Aids Pandemic
It is estimated that the number of people living with HIV and AIDS is 1.3 million According to the data from Tanzania HIV/ AIDS and Malaria Indicator Survey (THMIS) 2007 - 2008, the national prevalence among the sexually active populations (between 15 and 49 years of age) is reported to be 5.7%. The data shows more women (6.6 %) are infected than men (4.6%).
Most rural women are more likely to be infected as they are helpless at fighting aids. They have little education and they can barely ask for protection from their partners. According to Word Bank survey, in Tanzania, children who lose mothers early fare worse than other orphans. The bank’s researcher found that household consumption dropped on average by seven percent within five years of an adult family member dying and the steepest declines in consumption followed the death of an adult woman.

Msafiri English Medium School – EDUCATION IS OUR RIGHT
After seeing the misery in Tanzania and around their village the late Mr. Msafiri and Mrs. Grace Msafiri came up with the idea of establishing the first English medium primary school in Kisangara Chini Village, to help the children from Kisangara village and it is surrounding areas near Mount Kilimanjaro, that have lost their parents from HIV.
The school is a co-educational boarding school. Being the only English medium school in the village there is a high demand for enrolment. As such, the school is forever developing and in need of support.
Last year, two projects were financed by the money, raised by Ladies Trekking 2010:
*  Construction of one classroom
*  Construction of children’s play ground

How can we help?
*  By providing projects with needful building materials, such as construction sand, cement, corrugated iron sheets, brick-blocks, aggregates, timber, iron-bars, stones, labour, paint and other finishing materials.
*  Money contribution towards the construction.
There is no minimum or maximum amount; all the projects are based on the generosity of the people who have been touched. You can contribute according to your own budget, for instance USD 25 can buy a 50kg of cement, USD 70 truckloads of construction sand.
* Become a guardian.
The school is looking for guardians to children, who have recently lost one or both parents.
* Become a sponsor.

With Ladies Trekking charity project, we are trying to give at least a few girls a good education and a chance of a life outside prostitution, child labour and crime. For only 600 Euros per year, one girl gets the chance to lead a decent life by being educated by trained teachers. The money will also buy her food, clothing and learning materials and will cover school fees and accommodation.

Msafiri English Medium Primary School  Read more >
Boarding School (Co-education)
In Kisangara Juu
P:O box 205 Mwanga
Tanzania East Africa
Owner : Grace Mangara
Tel: 00255-27-2757789
Mobile: 00255-744487193