Did you know...

that Georgia is the oldest wine producing region in the world? There are archaeological evidences that wine was first produced here about 7 000 years ago. OK, as archaeology is not exact science, there are other claimants to this statement too. There are at least eight nations claiming that the world earliest wine was produced on their territory, among them Georgia’s closest neighbours: Iran, Turkey and Armenia.

The fact is that wine has been produced in Georgia for several millennia and it reserves a a special and important in Georgian culture and heart.

Even the word wine (Latin: vino) derives from Georgian word „gvino“ – wine in Georgian language.

The main wine regions in Georgia are: Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti Racha-Lechkhumi/Kvemo Svaneti and Ajara. The main grape varieties are Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane and Alexandrouli.

The most famous Georgian wines are Tsinandali, Pirosmani, Alazani (white) and Khvanchkara, Akhasheni, Kindzmarauli (red). Khvanchkara was the favourite of Jossif Stalin, the Soviet dictator with Georgian roots.

While visiting Georgia, you should not forget do discover the millennia old traditions of Georgian viticulture. Don’t forget to say „Gaumarjos“ for toast.