Scuba diver sets new depth record exploring New Zealand cave

An Australian scuba diver set a new record for depth recently while exploring a remote read more> has published an article inviting women to climb Kilimajaro for charity with &Moments.

The article can be found here:read more >

Win an unforgettable bicycling adventure to Georgia!

Assemble your own dream team of 3 friends who can join you at 200 euro discount and win an adventure of a lifetime! read more >

&Moments press release

Participants of the first International Charity Drive in Namibia are back. For the benefit of Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO), monetary contribution of 1750 Euros read more >

A time for Volcano tourism? Or maybe not?

Gunung Merapi – one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia is about to erupt. Last eruption of Mount Merapi was in 2006 when it killed 2 people. Scientist are sure that it will erupt, the only question is when?  read more >

What is mountain sickness?

We have often been asked what mountain sickness is all about and how dangerous it is.. Read more >

Lonely Planet made a TOP 10 list of world's national parks, which are worth preserving. 

Number one in the list is Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Read more >

Ladies Trekking raised 1 400 EUR for Msafiri Medium English School

Ladies Trekking raised 1 400 EUR for charity donation, that will be given to Msafiri English Medium School. Our special thank you goes to Zonta International District 20 ( Finland/ Estonia) who donated 600 EUR ...
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New, exciting diving destinations at 2011!

Just a few to mention: China, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mozambique, Zanzibar…
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Which three weeks will take you to the Elite of Trekkers?

-  total of 356 km and almost one million footsteps
-  everything is happening higher than 4,000 metres above the sea level
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Mass migration in Serengeti Read more >

Do you want to give a name to a mountain? 

Two peaks over 5,000 m of seldom visited Kunlun Mountains in China were recently conquered first time by the expedition of 7 Estonian mountaineers who now hold the right to name them. Read more >

UNESCO World Heritage List includes 21 new sites!

Currently, the UNESCO World Heritage List includes 911 sites from 151 countries. Among the new sites are 15 cultural, 5 natural and 1 mixed site. Some samples of the new sites are: Read more >

Adrenaline rush à la carte - White Nile rafting!

At first, have some appetizers! Read more >

Is luxury in desert possible?

It is! Come and admire awesome natural display of colours in the heart of Namib Desert, while enjoying a perfect breakfast, being surrounded by Sossusvlei dunes. Read more >

How to live 130 years?

Read more about the side-effects of Georgian food, wine and mountains. Read more >

Georgian-born beautiful young singer Katie Melua.

Correct! Katie Melua is from Khutaisi, Georgia. Read more >

Namib desert - interesting facts

*  The name "Namib" is of Nama origin and means vast.
*  Having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for at least
    55 million years, it is considered to be the oldest desert in
    the world. Read more >

Keselo defence towers in Georgia - what is the story behind them?

On our bike trip in Georgia you will visit Keselo towers, which originally totalled thirteen. The towers were constructed during the Mongol invasion of Georgia in 1230s. The towers offered protection to the inhabitants of Tusheti from the invading Mongols and later Daghestani tribes. Read more >

White Nile rafting – the first expedition successfully completed!

In March 2010 Nalubale Raftings Head Guide, Reuben Connolly, successfully lead the first ever commercial rafting expedition on the White Nile, from the Owen Falls Dam in Jinja to Karuma Falls on the edge of Murchison Falls National Park - a distance of more than 300 kilometers. Read more >

Caprivi Strip Namibia

Have you ever wondered why Namibia has such a strange shape – the “panhandle” in the upper right corner?
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Kilimanjaro glaciers retreating

During the 20th century, the glacier cover on the summit of Kilimanjaro has retreated about 75% and its’ volume is now at about 20% of what it used to be 100 years ago.
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Kili news. Interesting facts about Machame route.

Do you know which route to the top of Kilimanjaro has been recommended
9 times out of ten by tour guides?
Do you know which route to the top of Kili is named „Whisky route“?

Woman tops 14 highest peaks for 1st time: official

Oh Eun-sun, respect for such a great achievement!

Did you know...

that Georgia is the oldest wine producing region in the world? Read more >