Kili news. Interesting facts about Machame rout.

Do you know which route to the top of Kilimanjaro has been recommended 9 times out of ten by tour guides?
If asked by any of the Kilimanjaro tour guides, which route they would select for conquering the Kili, 9 out of 10 will tell you – the Machame route. Machame rout is the most diverse route. As an example, you will be passing through cloud forest, a dry and dusty Shira plateau on 3 840 meters and Rebmann glacier.

Do you know which route to the top of Kili is named „Whisky route“?
Machame route is considered little more difficult than Marangu. If Marangu is named the „Coca-Cola route“, then Machame is named the „Whisky route“. The reason is that Machame is considered more difficult than Marangu, hence the more stronger „label“. In spite the fact that the Machame route is more difficult, its success rate of reaching the top is better than of the Marangu; thanks to its better profile.