White Nile rafting – the first expedition successfully completed!

The first expedition took the participants through the regions where mzungu (a white man) never left his footprints. It almost cost a life of a young man, whose first encounter with white people caused him a panic attack and he run into the river, swarmed with crocodiles.  Unlike him, the members of the rafting team were equipped with the swimming skills, so the young man will be able to tell about his little adventure to his grandchildren.

The pilot rafting expedition in March was executed by our partner Ruben Connolly, who is seasoned white water rafting specialist. However, it was his first rafting expedition through the fastest part of Nile, from the Owen Falls Dam in Jinja to Karuma Falls on the edge of Murchison Falls National Park - a distance of more than 300 kilometers.

Already in November 2010, the next similar expedition will take place. Because of the extraordinary nature of the emotional and physical experiences on these journeys, the number of participants is very limited and this time only 6 lucky thrill seekers will be able to join the expedition.