Keselo defence towers in Georgia - What is the story behind them?

On our bike trip in Georgia you will visit Keselo towers, which originally totalled thirteen. The towers which originally totalled thirteen were constructed during the Mongol invasion of Georgia in 1230s. The towers offered protection to the inhabitants of Tusheti from the invading Mongols and later Daghestani tribes. During the raid on Tusheti villages by the invader, people abandoned their villages and used towers as temporary shelters.
During the Soviet time, most of the towers were ruined. However, in 2003 the rebuilding of five towers of the medieval fortress of Keselo commenced. This project was sponsored privately by Henk and Eliane Hooft, a Dutch family living in Georgia and later by Keselo Foundation. The restoration was done according to the medieval Tusheti tradition of constructing fortified towers. The restorations also included a monument in the nearby village of Dartlo and the restoration of a tower in Khiso, on the road to Omalo. The work itself was bringing to light an array of archaeological artefacts, such as ancient rock art motifs and Bronze Age axes and jewellers.