Did you know...

*  Spanish is the official language in Panama
*  In Panama, rice is served with nearly every meal
*  With 5,637 kilometers of coastline and more than 1,518 islands, Panama
    has more beaches than one can imagine.
*  The country is the only place in the world, where you can see the sun rise
    in the Pacific and set in the Atlantic.
*  The Panama Canal Locks are drained every 7 years to clear debris.
    Panamanians love this because many fish get trapped there and provide
    food for the poor.
*  Monkey meat bbq'ed on a stick is sold on street corners everywhere .
    And it tastes great!
*  Calling someone 'fat' is not the same insult as it woud in Europe . In fact,
    'fat' people often call other fat and there's no problem at all .
*  Scorpion bites are common in the jungle and don't cause the serious health
    problems or death like most Americans think . I've been bitten many
    times, and yes, it hurts, and there is swelling, but it goes away in a
    day or two.
*  Panama uses the US Dollar for bills but the coins are called Balboa.
    Yet, the official national currency of Panama is the Balboa, which is
    pegged to the US Dollar.