Date: 30.10.2010 - 06.11.2010
Price: 3 300 EUR

Take a part in an off-road adventure that takes you through Namibia’s most fascinating places. Put your driving skills to the test while travelling in style. Support students in a non-profit school in Swakopmund.

The aim of the International Charity Drive Namibia 2010 is to offer you a week full of unforgettable moments - adventures, breathtaking scenery and last but not least, the chance to help Namibian underprivileged children.
The Drive takes you  through Namibia’s most fascinating places. You will be travelling with off-road vehicles, driving in teams of four. The drive offers ample opportunities put your driving skills to the test and explore remote areas, accessible only with off-road vehicles. To wear off the daytime fatigue, you will be relaxing and eating in style. As the participants come from different countries, it is a great way to meet interesting people and make new friends!

About the teams:
Each vehicle will have four passengers, two of whom should be able to drive.
NB! These are 4x4 off-road vehicles. The organizers will do their best to mix up the necessary teams but it is recommended that each team will be put together before registration.

In cooperation with & MOMENTS, Abenteuer Africa Safari and Swakopmund Rotary Club you will be supporting Mond Mondesa Youth Opportunities  (MYO), a non-profit afternoon school in Mondesa, on the western coast of Namibia. Your contribution will get one of the students in the school through one quarter of the year. During the drive, you will be visiting the school and meet the recipient of your donation personally.
The International Charity Drive Namibia 2010 is a different, more responsible and rewarding way to experience Namibia – the land of shifting dunes, sandy riverbeds, splendid game parks, fascinating ethnic groups and their history!   Read more >