Day 1:  30.10.2010
07:40: Arrival at the Windhoek International Airport (Air Namibia flight from Frankfurt)
You will be greeted and assisted by & MOMENTS event coordinator.
Transfer (approx. 30 min.) and check-in to River Crossing Lodge
Since November 2009, River Crossing Lodge offers accommodation on a pristine game farm whilst being only five minutes from the heart of Windhoek. The twenty chalets rediscover the nuances of a bygone era of farm life and offer the discerning traveler all the modern amenities. There are feathered duvets wrapped in 100% cotton, plus, the environmentally friendly guest amenities and the unparalleled service and hospitality to consider, as well. The River Crossing Lodge also offers a host of activities including game drives, horse riding,  walkingtours  and mountain biking. Relaxing massages and beauty treatments await you after a long flight or a busy day (advance booking is required).
13:00: Lunch will be served at the lodge.
14:00: Afternoon game drive in the lodge’s own game farm (approx. 3 hours)
Surrounded by a high game fence, the 6,500 acres of private reserve offers travelers the possibility of a rare sighting of cheetahs and leopards, as well as major antelope species and Burchell's and Hartmann's Mountain zebras. The greatest luxury is the tranquility of the natural surroundings and the sense of quiet that allows travelers to collect of themselves, before setting out on safari and returning to the bustle of their day-to-day lives. 
19:30: Charity Drive Namibia 2010 Opening Gala Dinner at the lodge.
Overnight: River Crossing Lodge  

Day 2:  31.10.2010

07:00: Breakfast at the lodge
08:00: 4x4 Drive Briefing 
08:30: Self - Drive to Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge (approx. 4 hours)
Hand over of vehicles will be done in the morning at the river crossing lodge. Each vehicle seats four persons. The vehicles are stocked with cool refreshments, a road-book and a map to show the way to Rostock. Two marshals will accompany the group. One marshal will lead the way and the second will be in the last vehicle to make sure the group stays together and to assist should the need arise. The marshals will be in constant radio contact and a satellite phone will be available in case of an emergency. The marshals will brief the group on how to drive on Namibian roads and what to be aware of. *  Ice coffee & ice tea will be served en route.
Arrival and check-in at Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge
(Please note that official check-in time is at 14:00, earlier check- in time is not guaranteed).
Experience the Namib Desert at Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge. Memorable hospitality, personalized service and soul searching tranquility are the key elements of Rostock. The en-suite rooms are integrated into the natural surroundings, and offer unlimited views across the Namib. A variety of activities include well - marked hiking trails, scenic drives to view historical bushman paintings hidden in an oasis cave, scenic flights over the desert, (must be pre-booked). Or, just relax beside the pool with its magnificent view. 
13:00: Lunch will be served at at the lodge
The rest of the afternoon will be spent at leisure
19:30: Dinner will be served at the lodge
Overnight: Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge

Day 3:  01.11.2010

05:00: Early morning wake up call
05:30: Light breakfast at the lodge - coffee, tea, rusks
06:00: Self Drive Sossusvlei Excursion

The Sossusvlei, Namibia's famous highlight in the heart of the Namib Desert, is a huge clay pan, enclosed by giant sand dunes. Some of the spectacular hills of sand are, 300 meters, high the highest in the world. Only after a heavy rainfall, which is a rare event in this area, does the Vlei fill with water. As the clay layers hardly allow any water infiltration, a turquoise lake will remain for quite some time. The dunes of the Namib Desert have developed over a period of many millions of years.
A Continental Breakfast will be served in the Vlei.
Enjoy a fully set-up breakfast buffet with tables and chairs, in the heart of the Sossusvlei. Sit under very old Acacia trees which are surrounded by some of the world’s highest dunes. The buffet has lots of fresh fruit, variety of breads, cheeses and cold cuts. * Fresh coffee, tea and juices are served.
11:00: Self Drive to Sossusvlei Lodge.
12:30: Lunch will be served at the lodge.
13:30: Self Drive back to Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge (approx. 2 hours).
15:30: Arrival at the lodge.

Rest of the afternoon will be spent at leisure.
19:30: Dinner will be served at the lodge.
Overnight: Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge.  

Day 4:  02.11.2010

06:00: Leisurely breakfast at the lodge.
07:00: Self Drive to Swakopmund (approx. 4 hours).

En route to Swakopmund, you will depart on a 4 x 4 self drive excursion to test your 4x4 driving skills (approx. 2 hours 30 min)
Snack packs will be served en route to Swakopmund.
13:30: Arrival & check-in at the Swakopmund Hotel.
This 4-star luxury hotel has been built around an impeccably restored Bahnhof (train station) where the former ticket sales area has been transformed into the reception and hotel lobby. Colonial in style, the hotel is set around a large inner courtyard with immaculate lawns, a sparkling swimming pool and lofty palm trees. A combination of warm Namibian hospitality and exceptional levels of service has won this hotel an international reputation for excellence. Attached to the hotel is the lively entertainment center with its Platform One Restaurant, a casino and conference facilities.
14:00: Lunch will be served on the pool terrace of Swakopmund Hotel.
The rest of the afternoon to be spent at leisure. 
Take a walk in the town of Swakopmund for some shopping opportunities.
Swakopmund, Namibia's second biggest town and traditional "summer capital", is one of the most surreal places in this land of contrasts. You approach the town through the endless expanses of the Namib Desert, one of the world's largest wilderness areas. It is known as the “Jewel of Namibia”, glistening in the sunshine, tucked between ocean and desert. Activities include sandboarding and skiing, quad biking, camel rides and off-road driving as well as a host of other attractions, including excursions by boat to see dolphins and seals, shore-based angling (some of the best in Africa). Swakopmund is popular amongst visitors because of its old world charm and relaxed atmosphere and is sometimes referred to as Namibia’s adventure capital.
19:00: Meet in the hotel foyer
19:15: Transfer to the Tug Restaurant
19:30: Dinner will be served at the Tug Restaurant.

The restaurant with spectacular views on the crashing waves of the cold Atlantic Ocean, the Tug Restaurant was built around an old Oil-fired Tug Boat Bridge. It is positioned in front of the Jetty, which is a National Monument. Seating approximately 110 delegates, with some tables individually created by a Namibian Artist; the restaurant has become popular for its delectable seafood specialities, namely lobster, prawns, calamari, oysters and on a daily basis fresh caught kob or steenbrass.
TBA Transfer back to the hotel
Overnight: Swakopmund Hotel.  

Day 5:  03.11.2010

07:00: Breakfast at the hotel
08:15: Meet in the hotel foyer
08:30: Self Drive to the Action Venue (approx. 30 min)
09:00: Adventurous activities at the Action Venue.

A freeform tent with soft drinks will be set up at a central point from where the various adventurous activities will take place. Chairs will also be available so that the group can meet and socialize. The activities consist of sandboarding, quad biking, Mini Living Desert Tour, Extreme Dune Drive. 
Please Note:
Any delegates that appear to be intoxicated, by alcohol or any other substance, will not be permitted to take part in ANY activities. No refunds will be given.

The Namib Desert, the oldest in the world, is reputed to house some of the highest sand dunes on this planet.  There is no better way to experience these wonders in an environmentally friendly way than to zoom down them head first on a traditional Swakopmund sandboard. 

Quad biking
Experience the sheer thrill of riding a four-wheeled motorbike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes.  Great care is taken by the guides to ensure a safe ride along a route of approximately 35km.

Mini Living Desert Tour
Living Desert Adventure begins in Swakopmund, leads across the Swakop River towards the dune belt between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund which supports an impressive wealth of fauna and flora. The drive along the foot of the dunes is slow, taking precaution not to drive on the gravel plains and cause unnecessary damage. Conservation issues and the geological structure of the desert are discussed en route. The guide will stop frequently to look for tracks (known locally as reading the bushman paper), to determine which animals were active the night before and wherever possible, will try to catch some of them. Guides will share their knowledge about each desert animal, including adaptations and design for survival in the desert. Great care is taken to ensure each animal is returned safely to its home.

13:00: A Finger lunch will be served.
Assorted Savory Cocktail Rolls including Smoked Namibian Beef, Cooked Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Salami and Tomato & Gherkin. The Cold Platters with Crumbed Chicken Drumsticks, Medallions of Roast Fillet of Beef, Kingklip Medallions with fresh herbs, Crumbed Mini Wiener Schnitzels, Spicy Cocktail Meat Balls and Bite-sized Savory Vegetable Quiches.  Fresh Green Asparagus & Mayonnaise Dip (in Season) and Vegetable Crudités with Yoghurt Dip with desserts such as Slices of Fresh Fruit in Season, Apple Strudel, Mini Milk Tartlets and Mini Berliner with jam filling.
14:00: Self Drive back to Swakopmund
14:30: Arrival at the hotel
15:00: Visit to the MYO School Project

Mondesa Youth Opportunities is a non-profit afternoon school for underprivileged children of Mondesa, just outside of Swakopmund. Primary objectives of the organization are to develop and foster an environment, where children living in communities such as Mondesa are provided opportunities to learn and grow in areas that are imperative to their success in life. MYO is totally dependent on sponsorships and donations of individuals, small and big enterprises in Namibia and around the world. By 2010, the cost to put one student through a year of studies at MYO will be nearly 700 EUR. This program has the dual benefit of providing direct assistance to the children in our program, as well as, bringing the reality of the every day lives of our scholars closer to you. Your donation will pay one student’s quarterly tuition at MYO. During the visit you will meet your sponsored student personally.
19:00: Meet in the hotel foyer
19:15: Take a leisurely stroll to Kückies Pub & Restaurant.
19:30: Dinner will be served at Kückies Pub.

This Famous Restaurant is one of Swakopmund’s original attractions for the locals and foreign visitors alike, offering the very best in Namibian cuisine. Meals range from “home grown” Swakop river asparagus to the world famous fresh Walvis Bay oysters, grilled fish and succulent game steaks.
Walk back to the hotel.
Overnight: Swakopmund Hotel  

Day 6:  04.11.2010

07:00: Breakfast at the hotel
08:00: Meet in the hotel foyer
08:15: Self Drive to Walvis Bay Yacht Club (approx. 30 min).
09:00: Marine Cruise with an informal lunch on the beach.

The entire cruise is done with ski boats in the protected lagoon area of Walvis Bay where the water is calm and abundant with birdlife.  You cruise the harbour through to the bird island and then cut across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where inquisitive seals could swim up to the boats for something to eat.  From here we continue across to Pelican Point where a large seal colony has settled and occasional dolphins swimming alongside the boats provide entertainment. There are many opportunities for the bird lovers. Common sightings include White Chinned Petrel, Wilson’s Storm Petrel, Cape Gannet, Black Oystercatcher and even the African Penguin.  Pelicans also provide excellent photographic opportunities whilst flying alongside. Alight just beyond the lighthouse at an old shipwreck where a beach barbecue awaits... fresh and grilled oysters, mussels and chilled champagne (as well as more traditional barbecue meats for those who are not partial to oysters). The oysters are cultured locally and have been rated as some of the best in the world.
13:00: Return to the Yacht Club
13:15: Self Drive back to Swakopmund
14:00: Arrival at the hotel
15:00: A second visit to the MYO School Project.

TBA Return to the hotel
Freshen up for the evening
18:15: Meet in the hotel foyer
18:30: Transfer to the Sundowner Venue (approx. 30 min)
19:00: Enjoy a sparkling wine and oyster sundowner in a stunning setting…

The eerie moon landscape is a dramatic setting for your surprise sundowner cocktails. The tables are beautifully laid, fresh oysters and snacks are served, champagne glasses ready to be filled…but no champagne! …on cue, from the sky, men land with parachutes and hand you chilled bottle of bubbly. As you sip on your champagne, still in awe, you watch the African sunset over this incredible scene.
20:00: Transfer to the Desert Dinner (15 min)
Desert Dinner
Arriving at the desert dinner in the dark of night, you are greeted by the sound of African drums echoing from the canyon walls and a visual extravaganza of flaming spirals to get you carried away in a magical fire dance. Creating an amazing contrast with the blackness of the uninterrupted skies. Tables draped in linen, subtle lighting, a myriad of candles reflecting in and off the canyon walls, background music by a Marimba Band (optional), all this and more creating an unforgettable evening. After dinner local and imported liqueurs can be served and the relaxed atmosphere will be further enhanced by small talk around a crackling fire.
TBA Transfer back to the hotel
Overnight at Swakopmund Hotel 

Day 7:  05.11.2010

07:00: Leisurely breakfast at the hotel
09:00: Self Drive to Windhoek (approx. 4 hours)
13:00: Lunch at the Hotel Heinitzburg. 

Hotel Heinitzburg complements traditional African friendliness and beauty with excellent European cuisine and a world-class wine cellar.  Guests can choose to sit in the calm of the shaded terrace or enjoy a sundowner cocktail, overlooking the magnificent Windhoek skyline as the sun bids the world goodbye or by the pool, enjoying a light show from a special underwater, colour changing light.  
After lunch you will self drive to Windhoek Country Club
Arrival & check-in at the Windhoek Country Club
The vehicles will be dropped off at the hotel
Rest of the afternoon to spent at your leisure.
19:00:  Meet in the hotel foyer
19:15: Coach transfer to Joe’s Beerhouse

Dinner will be served at Joe’s Beerhouse
TBA Transfer back to the hotel
Overnight: Windhoek Country Club 

Day 8:  06.11.2010

07:00: Leisurely breakfast at the hotel
You can spend the rest of the day as you wish. Please note, that the latest check-out time is 12:00.
There is plenty to do at the Windhoek Country Club. This 5-star resort gives you the best of all worlds. It boasts a unique combination of exceptional service, luxury accommodation and tranquil setting which has ensured that it remains of the final word of comfort and entertainment in Namibia. Both leisure seekers and those on a quest for excitement will find it all here, from lazing beside the pool to winning big in the casino. Why not spend the day on the resort’s fine 18-hole golf course?   
18:00: Coach transfer from Windhoek Country Club to the Windhoek International Airport (approx. 45 min.)
19:00: Check-in for your Air Namibia flight to Frankfurt
21:15: Departure