Welcome to Namibia

If you want to go to a place where you can have an adventure without leaving the comforts of modern lifestyle, you should include Namibia on your list. With so many places to visit, a Namibian adventure will make your vacation worthwhile. Namibia’s name was derived from the Namib Desert, a unique geological feature renowned for the pristine and haunting quality of its landscape. It is this feature that characterizes the country most. The desolate Namib Desert, with its high dunes and awe-inspiring sense of space,  is said to be the oldest in the world. 
Before you pack your things up and head for the great Namibian trip, here are some places visit.

Himba culture in Kaokoland
Enjoy Namibia’s raw wilderness by travelling to Kaokaland region with breath-taking mountain sceneries and natural animal refuges. The jagged landscape also serves as home for the Himba tribe, who still lives by their own tradition and culture. Be captivated by the silent, serene environment, which Kaokaland offers, while enjoying water rafting, canoeing, bird-watching and more.

You can engage in Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa, measuring 160km long, 27km wide and some 550m deep. You can engage in an
85km Fish River Canyon Trail from Hobas to Ai-Ais. You can also take a one- or two-day trip in several locations inside the canyon.

Take time for Skeleton Coast

Be mystified and awed by the Skeleton Coast Park’s ever-changing moods, dense coast mist, scattered shipwrecks, and majestically intact surrounding. Fly-in from Hoanib and Kunene rivers and see the Coast in its entirety. You can also enter the area between Ugab and Hoanib rivers and enjoy the coast’s superb fishing area.

The history from Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop is a deserted town, located in the Southern Namib Desert 10 kilometers from Lüderitz. The town provided shelter against the harsh Namibian Desert conditions for diamond miners, but the drop in diamond prices after the First World War, and the prospect of richer mines in Oranjemund ended its operation, and so it was fully deserted in 1956. Enjoy walking in this Namibian relic and learn more of the country’s economic and social history.

Find your own diamond

Namib-Naukluft Park is one of the largest national parks in Africa. It covers some 50000 km2 of Namibian land and also covers the Namib Desert Park, Naukluft Mountain Zebra Park and some portions of Diamond Area. Famous attractions in Namib-Naukluft Park include the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the Sandwich Harbour, as well as exotic plants and animals, like Welwitschia Mirabilis, Hartmann’s mountain zebras and lichens.