“Care for the People..."

Charity is all about creating a company that can show meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environments and communities that surround our operations.

The values and ethics of & MOMENTS are, “Care for the people and care for the wildlife”.

Our own experience has made us believe that in addition to travelling and pleasant holiday making, one should leave something good behind. More than often, our tours take you to the destinations in developing countries, where everyday life is still about survival and not of comfort. This is why many of our tours carry a charity message.

Probably the most important and often the most overlooked success factor for conservation in remote areas is the relationships that are built with surrounding communities. It’s a fundamental belief of ours that the viability and sustainability of any conservation area relies on the economic growth and sense of mutual benefits shared by the community. This gives them a sense of value and, ultimately, safeguard  the wildlife. 

We have now expanded our charity travel projects network into two African countries, as well as Georgia. & MOMENTS model of community participation has become standard practice within the industry.

Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO)

Helping the children of Namibia – this is the objective for which & MOMENTS in cooperation with Abenteuer Africa Safari and Swakopmund Rotary Club are launching an International charity drive. We would like you to get acquainted with the beautiful nature of Namibia and offer you a week full of adventures. 
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Msafiri English Medium School  - The Right to Education
The first English medium primary school in Kisangara Chini Village, to help the children from Kisangara village and its  surrounding  area that have lost their parents to HIV.
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